Will There be Shabbat Tent in 2021?

Shabbat Tent Hopeful for 2021 Festival Re-openings in Fall

The pandemic closed all music festivals worldwide starting in March of 2020. Few could have imagined that more than a year later, festivals have not reopened. Will Shabbat Tent happen in 2021?

While a few handful in states with more lenient policies are slated to take place this summer, the big two, Coachella and Bonnaroo, are aiming for a fall opening. This leaves a chance for Shabbat Tent, however, many of the fall openings are also around the High Holidays. Not sure its a great place to spend Yom Kippur.

30th High Sierra Postponed til 2022

Shabbat Tent’s tent-pole fest, High Sierra Music Festival, was not able to get a clear enough answer from the state and local authorities and have moved their 30th anniversary festival to 2022. At HSMF, the Shabbat Tent has a prominent roll, hosting Shabbat programs and hospitality inside the fest for those in need of a break.

Shabbat Tent is J-Connect’s signature program and we look forward, along with music fans worldwide, to the fall, when festivals may happen once again.