Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, National Director, is an avid bluegrass fan who got the Shabbat Tent bug during Langerado when the entire Shabbat Tent blew away in gale force winds. He’s been going to music festivals since he was 9 months old.

Rachel Bookstein, Program Director, grew up around music, hippies and food in Marin and has been curating, cooking and collaborating on Shabbat Tent since Groovefest, of blessed memory. She is renown for her hospitality – and it doesn’t matter if there are 5 people or 500.

Yehuda Prero – National Coordinator

Yoilish Longini – Logistics and Production Coordinator

Rav Shmuel, Home Shalom, once trailed Phish with his band Gefilte Fish, making Shabbat for the heady Jews there. He also organizes the collaborative Home Shalom/Shabbat Tent kitchen and camp at the annual Rainbow Gathering.

Founders of Shabbos Tent / Shabbat Tent:

Rav Shmuel Skaist

Adam & Michelle Weinberg

Dr. Josh Vogelstein

Leib Meadvin