Shabbat Tent Work Exchange is a way to experience America’s greatest festivals from another perspective, by the working experience! In exchange for your volunteer time with Shabbat Tent you receive partial or full reimbursement for your festival ticket.

Shabbat Tent is a non-for-profit organization that provides hospitality, Shabbat celebrations and good vibes at music, camping and other national festivals. We create an Oasis of Chill for festival goers to escape the heat, noise and exciting festival atmosphere. Shabbat Tent is also a place where people come to share food, song, and prayer as part of the general festival experience, uplifting everyone’s spirits.

With the help of work-exchange volunteers, we create a unique destination for all denominations without regard for religion, ethnicity, or background, who wish to spend time in the tent. Shabbat Tent promotes weekly tech detoxing and deepening human connections, and is not missionary in it’s work.

Work Exchange members get Shabbat Tent Swag, work on all parts of the event, including pre-festival logistics and transportation, operations, set-up and take-down, hospitality, catering and more.

The first step is to fill out this form. This will get you into our database, and allow you to receive email updates on getting on the Work Exchange Team.

Responsibilities May Include:

– Set-up Prior to the event – Setting up and stocking vehicles for the trip, setup and decoration of tent, kitchen setup.
– Event operations – promotion, cooking, buffet setup, cleaning.
– Post-event Take down – Cleaning up, take down of tent, packing up vehicles for the ride back.
– Most of all, bring a can do attitude and all your good vibes.

Shabbat Tent provides:

– One ticket for Festival Access to Full-Time volunteers
– Partial reimbursement for Part-Time volunteers
– Shabbat Tent Volunteer shirt
– Shabbat Tent Hat
– Shabbat Tent Pin
– Food & drink