What is the cure for digital overload?

This digital, ultra-connected age has also increased alienation, burn-out, disunity and an epidemic of toxic addictions. Meaningful and soulful relationships and rituals are succumbing to material pursuits and workaholic-ism. Digital detox programs, an effort to counter these trends, has made inroads and offered some solutions, but the pace and spread of ills hasn’t tapered off. Those efforts are too limited and exclusive to counteract the enormity of the disease. What if there were a way to create a widespread adoption of digital-detoxification rituals and healthier, soulful living?

We think that Shabbat Tent offers a powerful way to spread the message of detoxing.

Through creating a space at music, film and culture celebrations, Shabbat Tent inspires all of us in making a healthier and more harmonious world, where faced-paced digital lives are balanced by nourishment of the soul and meaningful relationships and rituals.

Shabbat Tent is where moments are captured by being present. It’s a space to celebrate time and timelessness in a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and sharing. Shabbat Tent is rooted in ancient hospitality traditions and Jewish mindfulness, meditation and Shabbat rituals. Shabbat Tent is always open to everyone regardless of religion or nationality. It’s a space for soulful nourishment with fresh and healthy food, usually vegetarian or vegan, and sensitive to guests dietary needs and Jewish dietary laws.

We hope that you will join us in 2018 at one of our Shabbat Tents or Shabbat Lounges and we wish you blessings of peace and joy!


promotional poster for locks festival 2021

Shabbat Tent at Lockn’ Festival 2021

Shabbat Tent is exploring the chance to be at Lockn’ Festival in October. The festival was moved to a later date because of the pandemic. The line up of artists is something for the history books. Shabbat Tent has been to Lockn’ three times including the last festival in 2019.

Some logistics and financial issues need to be worked out before we can say we will be there 100%. However, if we can make it happen, we will be there.

In 2019, Shabbat Tent served close to 5,000 Shabbat meals at eight music festivals spanning both coasts. In addition, during the three most recent Sundance Film Festivals, the program has hosted a Shabbat Lounge that has grown every year and proven equally successful. Shabbat Tent is powered by a small core staff and young, trained adult volunteers based in Los Angeles, Chicago and the Eastern United States. 

Shabbat Tent Features:

  • Shabbat Happenings & meals: community candle-lighting, song circle, Shabbat dinner and day meals, musical havdalah, creative Shabbat service and Torah readings
  • Jewish meditation, yoga and arts and crafts
  • Open R&R lounge with bean bags, couches & carpets. Game and art area, phone charging station
  • Hydration and Nosh Station: Free snacks, drinks and sunscreen are always available throughout the festival 
  • Jam Sessions: Organized and impromptu sessions attract professional and amateur musicians for joyful collaborations.