Will There be Shabbat Tent in 2021?

Shabbat Tent Hopeful for 2021 Festival Re-openings in Fall

The pandemic closed all music festivals worldwide starting in March of 2020. Few could have imagined that more than a year later, festivals have not reopened. Will Shabbat Tent happen in 2021?

While a few handful in states with more lenient policies are slated to take place this summer, the big two, Coachella and Bonnaroo, are aiming for a fall opening. This leaves a chance for Shabbat Tent, however, many of the fall openings are also around the High Holidays. Not sure its a great place to spend Yom Kippur.

30th High Sierra Postponed til 2022

Shabbat Tent’s tent-pole fest, High Sierra Music Festival, was not able to get a clear enough answer from the state and local authorities and have moved their 30th anniversary festival to 2022. At HSMF, the Shabbat Tent has a prominent roll, hosting Shabbat programs and hospitality inside the fest for those in need of a break.

Shabbat Tent is J-Connect’s signature program and we look forward, along with music fans worldwide, to the fall, when festivals may happen once again.

Shabbat Tent at High Sierra Music Festival

We are thrilled to return to High Sierra Music Festival, one of our favorite festivals in the whole world. You should read Rabbi Yonah’s article in Huffpost, that captures the essence of this unique fest.

Shabbat Tent is located just inside the festival entrance, you can’t miss us.

We will be holding down the space for all four days, providing an oasis of chill, a place to relax, recharge, and celebrate.

You can charge your phone, enjoy a Shabbat meal, or just mellow out and enjoy the hospitality.

We have no agenda other than making everyone feel welcome and at home.

So what are you waiting for? Make it to High Sierra and join us!



Shabbat Tent’s Epic 2018 Summer Tour

This year’s rocking Summer Tour kicks off with Coachella Weekend Two. If you are going to be at the largest pop-music festival in the USA, please drop by the Shabbat Tent. The Tent is located just near the Main Festival Entrance, on Main Street, in Car Camping 8. This central location is easy to find and you will see the Shabbat Tent banners and signs. In addition to free food and hydration, the Tent will be hosting games, mediation and Shabbat rituals

After Coachella, the Shabbat Tent team will be reading for their second showing at  California’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival. This has been referred to as Burning Man Lite, but most find it very approachable and exciting for the novice and veteran alike.

Kosha Dillz with be hosting some Shabbat Dinners on the final Vans Warped Tour this summer. Props!

Rav Shmuel will be leading the effort for Home Shalom at the annual Rainbow Gathering!

For the 7th year Shabbat Tent will be returning to the High Sierra Music Festival, the most friendly music festival on the planet.

Shabbat Tent is scheduled for its fourth consecutive Phish Festival, the upcoming Curveball in Watkins Glenn. Previously at Magnaball and Superball, Shabbat Tent was located kinda far away – this year the organizers hopesto be right in the action.

More dates may be announced (Lockn and Dicks potentially) depending on funding and logistics.

If you want to help fund a Shabbat Tent, send an email to shabbat tent @ and help the movement grow!


High Sierra Shabbat Tent Schedule

Dearest Friends! We cannot wait to see you there!

Shabbat High Sierra 2016 v1B

Countdown to Shabbat Tent High Sierra Music Festival

Shabbat Tent is a place for festival goers to share food, song and good vibes as part of the general festival experience. Shabbat Tent celebrates the Sabbath on Friday evening with a song circle, candle lighting and challah. We celebrate the end of the Sabbath on Saturday Night with a musical midnight Havdallah. On Saturday and Sunday mornings join us for moving meditation at 10am. Above all Shabbat Tent is a place to unplug, hydrate and connect with other festival goers and is always open to everyone! Peace and Shalom!

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Shabbat Shalom!