Shabbat Tent Returns for Two Weekends of Coachella 2017

After the success of last year’s back-to-back weekends at Coachella, we knew that we had to go back for two weekends again this year.

It seems that evey year, Coachella overlaps with Passover. Which to some might seem to be an obstacle, but to us is a golden opportunity. We know how many people want some K for P (kosher for passover) food – like matzah – at the Festival!

To make it happened we got some veteran team members, and teamed up again with Kosha Dillz for weekend one, for MATZA-CHELLA 2.0.

The second weekend we are hosting a large hospitality tent to make sure that everyone coming to Coachella who can enjoy some Shabbat, kosher food and community as part of the festival experience.

Sundance Shabbat Lounge 2017

Shabbat Tent is returning to Sundance Film Festival with our first real Shabbat lounge! In addition to hosting a delicious and home-cooked Shabbat Dinner on January 20th at 5:30pm, with challah, wine and delicious courses, we are also hosting Shabbat after-party, aka an oneg/dessert party from 7:30pm. On Shabbat day, enjoy our Shabbat hospitality and a musical Havdallah to end the Shabbat.

We look forward to hosting veteran filmmakers, new filmmakers from around the USA and the world, and film buffs and industry insiders.

The #ShabbatLounge is centrally located in the Caledonian, and the event is co-organized with LA’s Chai Center.

Sign up for the exclusive and delicious Shabbat Dinner on, or join us afterwards for the free dessert reception and more.

Rabbi Yonah will also be offering a Torah class on Shabbat Day.

More details to follow — happy winter ya’all!

Desert Trip Shabbat

Spirited and fun Shabbat Celebrations at Shabbat Tent during Desert Trip Festival!
Feat. Kabbalat Shabbat, Friday Night Dinner, Saturday AM Services & Kiddush Lunch, musical Havdallah and more!
• Don’t have to miss any shows — all meals and services scheduled around published set times.
Kosher food & refreshments!

• Located in RV parking (50amp) as close to venue entrance as possible.

Oct. 7, Friday
4:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat followed by dinner
First act goes on at 6:30pm
Oneg Shabbat following shows

Oct. 8, Shabbat, Saturday
10am Shabbat Services followed by Kiddush Lunch
Followed by Mincha, games & learning
Musical Havdallah and Melava Malka After Shows

Programming free thanks to our generous sponsors – donations welcome – click on Ticket Link!

Alevy Family, EJF Philanthropies, Lara and Cheston Mizel, Rose Foundation, Lawrence “Zaidie” Krule and Susan “Nana” Fader, Mitch “3.0” Rothschild and Rachel “Doc” Yehuda, Ken Steinberg, more on the way!

About Shabbat Tent (from Shabbat Tent organizes hospitality, Shabbat celebrations and Havdallah gatherings at large music and camping festivals. In 2016 we travelled to Coachella twice, High Sierra Music Festival, Rainbow Gathering, and Lockn Festivals.

Shabbat Tent is an oasis of chill. Our friendly volunteers are folks that love music and Judaism and want to help make the world a better place.

Shabbat Tent is a place for people to share food, song, prayer and good vibes as part of the general festival experience. Shabbat Tent is not a place for preaching of religion or missionary work. Shabbat Tent is always open to anyone, without regard for religion, ethnicity, or background, who wish to spend time in the tent

High Sierra Shabbat Tent Schedule

Dearest Friends! We cannot wait to see you there!

Shabbat High Sierra 2016 v1B

Countdown to Shabbat Tent High Sierra Music Festival

Shabbat Tent is a place for festival goers to share food, song and good vibes as part of the general festival experience. Shabbat Tent celebrates the Sabbath on Friday evening with a song circle, candle lighting and challah. We celebrate the end of the Sabbath on Saturday Night with a musical midnight Havdallah. On Saturday and Sunday mornings join us for moving meditation at 10am. Above all Shabbat Tent is a place to unplug, hydrate and connect with other festival goers and is always open to everyone! Peace and Shalom!

Make sure to sign up to our email list and join the Facebook event!

Shabbat Shalom!

High Sierra Music Festival 2015

Hospitality • Celebration • Relaxation • July 2-5, 2015
4th Annual Shabbat Tent @ High Sierra Music Festival.
Plumas County Fairgrounds in Quincy, CA

Join the Shabbat Tent for hospitality, water, shade, nosh and good vibes throughout the weekend. Feel free to pop in and say ‘hey,’ hang-out or grab a glass of chilled water before you head into the show.

Singer/songwriter Sam Glaser is this year’s Shabbat Tent Artist-in-Residence, and other special guests soon will be announced.

Join Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein who will be on-hand all festival!

***Please Note: Shabbat Tent does not provide festival tickets, rides, camping gear or sleeping arrangements. If you would like to attend Shabbat Tent @ HSMF you must purchase a festival ticket on your own. See ya there!

#HSMF #ShabbatTent #YourShabbatWillRock! #FOMO #ShabbatAndMusicMakeTheWorldGoRound #SummerFestsMakeMeGiddy

Tickets on sale now:
Late Night Schedule & Tickets:


6:30PM Get in the Shabbat Groove // Music and Song w/
Artist-N-Residence Sam Glaser & Rabbi Yonah

7PM Candle-Lighting, Kabbalat Shabbat & Kiddush

11PM Late Night Nosh & Hang Session

9AM Rise-N-Shine It’s Mornin’ Time // Tea & Coffee

10AM Jewish Meditation with Fabian
Hydration Station // Herbal Sun Tea & Fruit

11AM Prayer, Meditation & Torah Reading
Never had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Swing by and we’ll
celebrate your festival Bar/Bat Mitzvah

1PM Kiddush, Lunch & L’Chaims

5PM Tuning into Our Higher Selves // An Ethical
Discussion with Rabbi Yonah

12AM Jammin’ Havdalah w/ Sam Glaser
***Bring your acoustic instruments

9AM Rise-N-Shine It’s Mornin’ Time // Tea & Coffee

10AM Jewish Meditation with Fabian
Hydration Station // Herbal Sun Tea & Fruit

12PM Hang-Out in Shabbat Tent
Swing by for H2O, Sun Tea, and Light Nosh

Coachella Weekend 2

Shabbat Tent returns to Coachella. Shabbat Tent is your oasis of tranquility in the midst of the serious mayhem which is Coachella. Drop by any time to rest, hydrate, nosh.

Of course on Shabbat we go big: candles, wine, challah, delicious Shabbat meals, even some optional prayers. We are even bring our Festival Torah!

Shabbat Tent is for everyone, and not a place to preach, but to be and collaborate and make good friends.

4/17 Friday Night 6:30pm Candle Lighting
Kabbalat Shabbat Circle

4/18 Shabbat / Saturday
11:00a Shacharit
1:00pm Shabbat Lunch
Midnight Havdallah

If you want to join up with Shabbat Tent for sleeping or additional meals pls message us.

Keep track of the latest and find our location via FACEBOOK.