Thank You High Sierra Music Festival

Shabbat Tent would like to thank the amazing organizers of High Sierra Festival for an truly wonderful weekend. Incredible music, delightful people, great hospitality. We are always so sad to leave.

Over the course of four days Shabbat Tent hosted hundreds of people and we feel grateful to have met them all. Truly great folks.

While we are still recovering, we want to share some photos with you – more will be posted!

See you all next year!

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High Sierra Shabbat Tent Schedule

Dearest Friends! We cannot wait to see you there!

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Countdown to Shabbat Tent High Sierra Music Festival

Shabbat Tent is a place for festival goers to share food, song and good vibes as part of the general festival experience. Shabbat Tent celebrates the Sabbath on Friday evening with a song circle, candle lighting and challah. We celebrate the end of the Sabbath on Saturday Night with a musical midnight Havdallah. On Saturday and Sunday mornings join us for moving meditation at 10am. Above all Shabbat Tent is a place to unplug, hydrate and connect with other festival goers and is always open to everyone! Peace and Shalom!

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Shabbat Shalom!

Matzachella: Coachella Shabbat Tent Wknd 2

Fun 10 Min Passover Seders at Corner of S. 805th and Main Street – the first ever seders at Coachella. So stop by for some Matzah, Gefilte fish, Maror.  Check us out! We even have T-Shirts!

Shabbat Tent helps bring Shabbat and Challah (or matzah) to festivals around the world creating an oasis of chill.

Coachella Shabbat Tents are funded thanks to generous sponsorship of the Alevy Family and Friedman-French Foundation.


Coachella Weekend 1

4th Annual Coachella Shabbat Tent brings wine, challah, delicious Shabbat meals, Havdallah and other great programming.


Make sure to sign up for email, follow us on Twitter and check our Facebook page to see where we are located. Since Coachella doesn’t give us our own place – we set up at the best place possible.


Hospitality • Celebration • Relaxation • Phish
Hosted by JamShalom & Shabbat Tent
August 21-23, 2015 at Phish Magnaball Festival, Watkins Glenn, NY
Shabbat will be amazing. Also – Join us for hospitality, water, shade, nosh and good vibes throughout the weekend. Feel free to pop in and say ‘hey,’ hang-out or grab a glass of chilled water before you head into the show.

*Please Note: We do not provide festival tickets, rides, camping gear or sleeping arrangements. If you would like to attend Magnaball you must purchase a festival ticket on your own. If you want to camp next to us – please be in touch!

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Schedule to be posted about a week before.

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Major Sponsorship:
Alevy Family Foundation
EMJ Philanthropies

Return to Bonnaroo

Our first Shabbat Tent at Bonnaroo in years. Being staffed and organized by a group of great folks from New York and Israel. We will be posting the camping location on our Facebook site – and the banner will be flying high!

We are looking for folks that want to drive in with us and set up camp together.

Friday evening Shabbat Gathering, Challah, Kiddush, 7:30pm

Havdallah Saturday Night after main shows are over.

Updates posted on Twitter and on our Facebook Event!

SX Shabbat Dinner

Famous Jewish musicians Kosha Dillz and Mikey Pauker will be hosting a SX Shabbat Dinner for Shabbat Tent at this year’s SXSW festival!

SX Shabbat Dinner March 20, 2015 at 7:15-8:15 pm

Details and RSVP on Facebook