Our Hearts are With our Festival Family

The suffering brought by the COVID pandemic includes hundreds of thousands of lives lost, millions of jobs, and many injured. It’s a very difficult time for everyone.

And of course the entire festival industry, lifestyle and culture were all cancelled. Musicians, festival workers, builders, sound engineers, light designers, box-office, transportation, security, sanitation — all these jobs disappeared.

Our Shabbat Tent team sends our prayers to our extended festival family, and everyone impacted by the tragedy – those who have lost loved ones, those who are ill and injured, and those that have lost their income. Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts are with you.

Instead of building Shabbat Tents, we are working on helping those in need. We hope and pray that everyone does whatever they can to helps others during this difficult time.

This is the most productive and empowering feeling – helping someone that has been hit harder than you have.

There is an observance that is described in the Torah called the Shemitah year. Every seventh year, farmers let their agricultural lands lie fallow for a year. A farmer spends that year on spiritual matters, or working on other areas of their farm or business, and the land is allowed to rest. Some have pointed out that ecological good this does as the land will become more fertile if given a chance to rest. It’s like crop-rotation, but for everyone at the same time.

This year, as we are not able to tend to the work of festival making, attending, and celebrating, we urge everyone to make it a productive year nonetheless – in pursuit of helping others, learning something new, focusing on new areas of growth that you may not have had time for in the past.

We pray that that the virus and pandemic end quickly and that we will all be back on tour for 2021.


Passover Seders at Coachella? YES!



Please join us for our Third Annual Matzachella Shabbat Tent during Coachella Music Festival! Enjoy a fun, fast and KOSHER Passover Seder.

Please RSVP so we can send you our location and updates!

Want to support Shabbat Tent during Coachella? Make a tax-deductible donation!

Shabbat Tent Oasis of Chill at Coachella Weekend 1

Shabbat Dinner • Lunch and Chill • Hospitality for All

Please join us for our Sixth Annual Shabbat Tent during Coachella Music Festival Weekend One! Enjoy a delicious free kosher Shabbat dinner, with challah and refreshments. Drop by during the fest to recharge at our Oasis of Chill for Kosher food and hydration!

Please RSVP so we can send you our location and updates!

Want to support Shabbat Tent during Coachella? Make a tax-deductible donation!

Our Generous Sponsors Include:
EJF Philanthropies • Alevy Family Foundation
David and Stephanie Schwartz • Nick Meyer


What are my camping options for getting at the event?

If you want to camp near Shabbat Tent – please be in touch with us ASAP to coordinate.

What can I bring into the event?

You are welcome to bring fruit, refreshments, kosher certified vegan food.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email us at shabbattent@gmail.com

Shabbat Tent’s Epic 2018 Summer Tour

This year’s rocking Summer Tour kicks off with Coachella Weekend Two. If you are going to be at the largest pop-music festival in the USA, please drop by the Shabbat Tent. The Tent is located just near the Main Festival Entrance, on Main Street, in Car Camping 8. This central location is easy to find and you will see the Shabbat Tent banners and signs. In addition to free food and hydration, the Tent will be hosting games, mediation and Shabbat rituals

After Coachella, the Shabbat Tent team will be reading for their second showing at  California’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival. This has been referred to as Burning Man Lite, but most find it very approachable and exciting for the novice and veteran alike.

Kosha Dillz with be hosting some Shabbat Dinners on the final Vans Warped Tour this summer. Props!

Rav Shmuel will be leading the effort for Home Shalom at the annual Rainbow Gathering!

For the 7th year Shabbat Tent will be returning to the High Sierra Music Festival, the most friendly music festival on the planet.

Shabbat Tent is scheduled for its fourth consecutive Phish Festival, the upcoming Curveball in Watkins Glenn. Previously at Magnaball and Superball, Shabbat Tent was located kinda far away – this year the organizers hopesto be right in the action.

More dates may be announced (Lockn and Dicks potentially) depending on funding and logistics.

If you want to help fund a Shabbat Tent, send an email to shabbat tent @ gmail.com and help the movement grow!


Coachella Shabbat Tent Gathering Weekend One

UPDATE – Kosha Dillz will be hosting a Shabbat Tent Gathering at 7pm on Friday, Weekend One with Shabbat Tent near the Main Festival Entrance (Main street, Car Camping 8)

We will be bringing challah and grape juice, you bring any nosh and friends – and it will be special!
Please spread the word!

This is the Best Dinner at Sundance Film Festival

There is a lot to do at Sundance, but where is the best dinner?
It’s no secret — as Variety and other magazines have discovered — it’s the Shabbat Dinner.
Shabbat Tent & The Chai Center are returning to Sundance Film Festival with our second Shabbat Lounge! In addition to hosting a delicious Shabbat Dinner on January 20th with challah, wine, cocktails, craft beer and a delicious meal, we are also hosting a Shabbat Oneg, open-house reception and dessert party.
The Shabbat Lounge is a space to unplug from the digital and experience the transcendent. Enjoy our “oasis of chill”, Shabbat hospitality, mindfulness, and nourishment for the body and soul. Arrive hungry and cold, and leave warm and inspired!
We look forward to hosting veteran filmmakers, new filmmakers from around the USA and the world, and film buffs and industry insiders.
We are exctied to welcome YJP National as partners for #ShabbatLounge.
Reservations open in mid-November.

High Sierra: Making The World a Better Place, One Festival at a Time

Rabbi Yonah’s article originally appeared on Huffpost

An amazing music and camping festival can not only transform those who have the merit to be there, but the entire world we live in.

I’ve been dancing at music festivals around the world for more than 25 years, but my soul yearns each summer for the High Sierra Music Festival. This family-owned festival consistently delivers one of the greatest festival experiences anywhere in the world.

I don’t hold back in expressing my admiration for High Sierra and its creators. When I extol the festival’s virtues, people think that I am making it up.

They ask, “How can one festival consistently provide so much healthy joy, inspiration, music, ambiance, and good food and good vibes?” It’s a great question and I will humbly try to explain.

Let’s begin with this fact: High Sierra’s producers are festival experts who have been doing this for 27 years. There is no substitute for experience. They are laid-back, but well organized. They have created a big enough festival where you feel the transcendence of humanity, but not overwhelming so you loose your sanity.

It’s super creative. The Festival provides many opportunities for expression and celebration for people of all backgrounds. There’s even a daily parade which wraps around the festival with mesmerizing drumming, dancing and larger than life puppets.

It’s cool for families. You don’t have to give up on being a festival goer now that you have kids. Just grab some good ear protection for the little ones, and you can bring them along. They even have play groups. At High Sierra, creative children’s programs coexist in the same festival with sophisticated musical collaborations. So very cool.

It’s non-stop. High Sierra is also renowned for being a non-stop, 24 hour-a-day festival where curated shows and programs run all day and all night, with few breaks. Some late night shows offer rare performances and jams that are found nowhere else. (As one of my musician friends said, “High Sierra is a musician’s music festival, where the great musicians come to enjoy themselves. And we all benefit.”)

It’s clean. As High Sierra Music Festival is located at the Plumas County Fairgrounds, you have access to an air-conditioned building if you ever get too hot, real bathrooms and showers. The paths are all paved and well taken-care of.

It’s a village. The integration of the many stages and performance spaces in a small area is remarkable. Additionally, many of the festival goers camp or RV inside the festival — something that doesn’t happen at any other major festival — the festival feels like its own village.

And High Sierra has mastered the art of the perfect line-up. In my humble opinion, what makes a music festival line-up memorable is not just one band or another, it is the overall impact of the selection of music on your soul.

As we start packing this weekend to prepare for our pilgrimage to High Sierra, which starts June 29th in Quincy, CA, my heart is already pounding faster, and my smile is brighter. I’m sure that I have left out some elements that are sacred to some of the regulars (sunrise kickball?) and I didn’t event tell you about who is playing this year – it’s a brilliant line-up as usual.

I’m a big believer in the power of music festivals to make the world a better place. The power of music and community to elevate our souls, enables us to build a more compassionate society. You can’t get that in a class or in a book – you have to experience this.

You can visit Rabbi Yonah this year at High Sierra Music Festival at Shabbat Tent, a hospitality tent located on the festival grounds.

Shabbat Tent Returns for Two Weekends of Coachella 2017

After the success of last year’s back-to-back weekends at Coachella, we knew that we had to go back for two weekends again this year.

It seems that evey year, Coachella overlaps with Passover. Which to some might seem to be an obstacle, but to us is a golden opportunity. We know how many people want some K for P (kosher for passover) food – like matzah – at the Festival!

To make it happened we got some veteran team members, and teamed up again with Kosha Dillz for weekend one, for MATZA-CHELLA 2.0.

The second weekend we are hosting a large hospitality tent to make sure that everyone coming to Coachella who can enjoy some Shabbat, kosher food and community as part of the festival experience.

Sundance Shabbat Lounge 2017

Shabbat Tent is returning to Sundance Film Festival with our first real Shabbat lounge! In addition to hosting a delicious and home-cooked Shabbat Dinner on January 20th at 5:30pm, with challah, wine and delicious courses, we are also hosting Shabbat after-party, aka an oneg/dessert party from 7:30pm. On Shabbat day, enjoy our Shabbat hospitality and a musical Havdallah to end the Shabbat.

We look forward to hosting veteran filmmakers, new filmmakers from around the USA and the world, and film buffs and industry insiders.

The #ShabbatLounge is centrally located in the Caledonian, and the event is co-organized with LA’s Chai Center.

Sign up for the exclusive and delicious Shabbat Dinner on SundanceShabbat.com, or join us afterwards for the free dessert reception and more.

Rabbi Yonah will also be offering a Torah class on Shabbat Day.

More details to follow — happy winter ya’all!

Desert Trip Shabbat

Spirited and fun Shabbat Celebrations at Shabbat Tent during Desert Trip Festival!
Feat. Kabbalat Shabbat, Friday Night Dinner, Saturday AM Services & Kiddush Lunch, musical Havdallah and more!
• Don’t have to miss any shows — all meals and services scheduled around published set times.
Kosher food & refreshments!

• Located in RV parking (50amp) as close to venue entrance as possible.

Oct. 7, Friday
4:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat followed by dinner
First act goes on at 6:30pm
Oneg Shabbat following shows

Oct. 8, Shabbat, Saturday
10am Shabbat Services followed by Kiddush Lunch
Followed by Mincha, games & learning
Musical Havdallah and Melava Malka After Shows

Programming free thanks to our generous sponsors – donations welcome – click on Ticket Link!

Alevy Family, EJF Philanthropies, Lara and Cheston Mizel, Rose Foundation, Lawrence “Zaidie” Krule and Susan “Nana” Fader, Mitch “3.0” Rothschild and Rachel “Doc” Yehuda, Ken Steinberg, more on the way!

About Shabbat Tent (from shabbattent.org): Shabbat Tent organizes hospitality, Shabbat celebrations and Havdallah gatherings at large music and camping festivals. In 2016 we travelled to Coachella twice, High Sierra Music Festival, Rainbow Gathering, and Lockn Festivals.

Shabbat Tent is an oasis of chill. Our friendly volunteers are folks that love music and Judaism and want to help make the world a better place.

Shabbat Tent is a place for people to share food, song, prayer and good vibes as part of the general festival experience. Shabbat Tent is not a place for preaching of religion or missionary work. Shabbat Tent is always open to anyone, without regard for religion, ethnicity, or background, who wish to spend time in the tent