Our Hearts are With our Festival Family

The suffering brought by the COVID pandemic includes hundreds of thousands of lives lost, millions of jobs, and many injured. It’s a very difficult time for everyone.

And of course the entire festival industry, lifestyle and culture were all cancelled. Musicians, festival workers, builders, sound engineers, light designers, box-office, transportation, security, sanitation — all these jobs disappeared.

Our Shabbat Tent team sends our prayers to our extended festival family, and everyone impacted by the tragedy – those who have lost loved ones, those who are ill and injured, and those that have lost their income. Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts are with you.

Instead of building Shabbat Tents, we are working on helping those in need. We hope and pray that everyone does whatever they can to helps others during this difficult time.

This is the most productive and empowering feeling – helping someone that has been hit harder than you have.

There is an observance that is described in the Torah called the Shemitah year. Every seventh year, farmers let their agricultural lands lie fallow for a year. A farmer spends that year on spiritual matters, or working on other areas of their farm or business, and the land is allowed to rest. Some have pointed out that ecological good this does as the land will become more fertile if given a chance to rest. It’s like crop-rotation, but for everyone at the same time.

This year, as we are not able to tend to the work of festival making, attending, and celebrating, we urge everyone to make it a productive year nonetheless – in pursuit of helping others, learning something new, focusing on new areas of growth that you may not have had time for in the past.

We pray that that the virus and pandemic end quickly and that we will all be back on tour for 2021.


Passover Seders at Coachella? YES!



Please join us for our Third Annual Matzachella Shabbat Tent during Coachella Music Festival! Enjoy a fun, fast and KOSHER Passover Seder.

Please RSVP so we can send you our location and updates!

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Essential Festival Apps

At least until we launch our Shabbat Tent App, you will want some apps on your smartphone during the fest. They can help you find your friends and track your water consumption!

10 Essential Apps by Jennifer Allen

1. WaterIn (Free) – While you’re having fun and maybe drinking a few too many beers, it’s easy to forget to drink sensibly too. WaterIn has one simple aim – to remind you to drink water often. In the hot and busy atmosphere that festivals can offer, it’s an ideal way to stop you from becoming dehydrated.

2. BC Tent Finder (Free) – Looking pretty dated, BC Tent Finder is still the best way to ensure that you don’t forget where your tent or car is, assuming you’re camping at the festival. Just put a marker down or take a photo, and you can find where to go. It even offers a weather report too.

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