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This is the Best Dinner at Sundance Film Festival

There is a lot to do at Sundance, but where is the best dinner? It’s no secret — as Variety and other magazines have discovered — it’s the Shabbat Dinner. Shabbat Tent & The Chai Center are returning to Sundance Film Festival with our second Shabbat Lounge! In addition to hosting a delicious Shabbat Dinner on […]

What is the cure for digital overload?

This digital, ultra-connected age has also increased alienation, burn-out, disunity and an epidemic of toxic addictions. Meaningful and soulful relationships and rituals are succumbing to material pursuits and workaholic-ism. Digital detox programs, an effort to counter these trends, has made inroads and offered some solutions, but the pace and spread of ills hasn’t tapered off. […]