Will There be Shabbat Tent in 2021?

Shabbat Tent Hopeful for 2021 Festival Re-openings in Fall The pandemic closed all music festivals worldwide starting in March of 2020. Few could have imagined that more than a year later, festivals have not reopened. Will Shabbat Tent happen in 2021? While a few handful in states with more lenient policies are slated to take […]

Shabbat Tent is Helping in Times of need

Shabbat Tent is helping those suffering losses due to the closer of beloved music festivals We though that we would be celebrating, instead Shabbat Tent is helping in other ways this year. The suffering brought by the COVID pandemic includes hundreds of thousands of lives lost, millions of jobs, and many injured. It’s a very […]

shabbat tent volunteers standing in front of tent

Shabbat Tent at Lockn’ in 2019

Shabbat Tent returned to Lockn’ Festival with partners Jam Shalom for a third year in a row. Shabbat Tent partnered with Jam Shalom to bring a hospitality tent to the famous jam band, Dead loving festival in Virginia again in 2019. The effort, led by volunteers from Jam Shalom and Shabbat Tent, had to rebuild […]

Shabbat Tent at High Sierra Music Festival

We are thrilled to return to High Sierra Music Festival, one of our favorite festivals in the whole world. You should read Rabbi Yonah’s article in Huffpost, that captures the essence of this unique fest. Shabbat Tent is located just inside the festival entrance, you can’t miss us. We will be holding down the space […]